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Protein-6 Multi-stage time released blend (4kgs)


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  • Multi-stage protein release

  • Low Carb, High Protein

  • Rich in Isoflavones



Pro 6 is an advanced multi stage time release protein blend  made up of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins providing maximum absorption for up to 8 hours. This results in sustained amino acid levels which aid tissue repair, increase protein synthesis and maximizes lean muscle growth.

Pro 6 Protein is an ultra premium blend of:

 • De-lactosed pure whey protein concentrate
 • Pure whey protein isolate
 • Miscellar Casein
 • Milk Protein Concentrate
 • Egg Albumen
 • Soya Protein Isolate

These Proteins all offer unique rates of absorption and this supreme combination has been designed so that your muscles will receive the right protein they need when they need it. Pro 6 has also been fortified with BCAA’S making it the perfect choice for muscle size, strength and fat loss and due to it’s time release formula can be consumed any time of the day for optimum results.


Additional Information

          Typical Computer Analysis
Nutritional Breakdown Per Serving Per 100g
K cals/K     159 317
Protein (As Dry Matter)     36g 71g
  Of which high isoflavone    
     soy protein isolate       22.5g 45g
  Of which Whey concentrate 7.5g 15g
  Of which whey isolate   3g 6g
  Of which Egg albumen 1.5g 3g
  Of which Miscellar Casein 1g 2g
Fat (includes MCT Oil)   2.5g 5g
  Of which saturates   1g 2g
Carbohydrates     8g  16g 
  of which sugars   5.5g 11g
Vitamin and probitoic matrix         1500mg 3000mg
Fibre     950mg  1900mg 
Sodium     Trace  Trace 

Mix 1x 50g scoop with 300ml Water or Skimmed Milk


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  1. all round good

    By andyebs April 16, 2013

    the protien content is good with multi stage release so is good to drink any time of day
    downfalls are its not as nice/stong flavoured as other products ive had from hecticsports and also if add more than one scoop it can really start to thicken up
    but did like it and price cant beat it

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