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Mass Gainer Whey Protein - High Calorie 3kg Pouch

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  • Over 1000 Calories per serving

  • Amazing taste

  • Designed for hardgainers

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  1. best out there

    By kevin December 11, 2015

    pt for over 15 years and best ever

  2. slick rick

    By lilwayne November 28, 2015

    one of the best mass gainers out there tried many in the past but none are this good and this one is also very cheap in comparison to other however high in fat 44g!! other than that great product and worth it.

  3. best ever

    By kevin June 09, 2014

    used loads of stuff as worked in fitness for over 15 years now and found this to be the best for cost and carrying around for my athletes that i coach for a post work out


    By jonathan February 11, 2014

    very tasty product, i wan't very positive into i got the stuff. it taste so good, i bought 3 pack of it and i'm also putting some ice-cream to pump the calories GREAT STUFF

  5. Best mass gainer

    By mike January 22, 2014

    Great product that I cannot fault! Great for topping up your calorie intake if you are struggling to reach your nutrition target. Can also be used if you are short of a few calories at the end of the day. A lot of calories and doesn't give fill you up, or bloat you up, so all your other meals can still be consumed. This is great because many other mass gainers give you a bloated feeling, making it hard to eat anything else.

    Also tastes great, mixes VERY well! Better than most protein powders I have used, which surprised me as mass gainers are known for being very tough to mix.

    Personally I have 3 half servings a day (1scoop) to up my calorie intake helping me through my bulk, seeing great results very very fast. Also I use this if I'm having a 'lazy' day and haven't prepared my meals, great to replace any missed meals.

    The perfect muscle size building supplement and an amazing price!

  6. Good

    By Troy July 05, 2013

    This product is great value for money compared to equivalent products on the market. The taste is really good considering it packs 1000 calories per serving my only issue is its extremely thick even with 500ml of whole milk, other then that a great all round product.

  7. loved it

    By andyebs April 26, 2013

    cant ask for any more great taste high cal and high protien
    i do like to mix more milk in as can be really thick but once you find the mix you like its great
    oh and for price its really good think i get around 25 servings per bag

7 Item(s)

10 per page

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